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Aerospace & Advanced Composites

Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH

AAC was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology during restructuring. AAC acts as a service provider in the field of application-oriented
research and technology development of materials combining a broad interdisciplinary catalogue of skills with specialised know-how. AAC offers its services for B2B contracts as well as assistance for the application of funded projects.

Technologies and competences

AAC is active in the development and qualification of materials. Its main business case covers testing services to European space industry and ESA itself. The “Space Materials testhouse” under ESTEC contract has been running since 1989. AAC is also involved in the development of high-performance materials, advanced layer manufacturing and composites for space applications, e.g. cryogenic structures, thermal protection (re-entry) and mechanism.

Products and services in space

  • Consulting services for materials towards space applications (structural, mechanisms, thermal)
  • Space testing services from materials to components, Bake-out of space hardware
  • Special experience in composites (polymer, metal and ceramics): development, consulting and testing (mechanical, tribo)
  • Structural Health Monitoring (development of SHM systems)

Space related test benches, laboratories, etc.

Special space related testing devices are:
• Outgassing/sublimation up to 600 °C
• Thermal vacuum chamber up to 1 m3
• Re-entry-test chamber
• Vacuum-tribometers
• Cold welding and component test rigs
• CME testing
• Mechanical testing from LHe (-263 °C) to 2000 °C incl. acoustic emission and fatigue
• Microstructure analysis with HR-SEM, FIB and EBSD, NDT
• Production facilities for composites and functionalisation of nanoparticles

Employees 10 - 50
Turnover 1 - 5M€
Export quota space 80 %
  Research Development Production Engineering
Launchers and Manned Flight  
Ground Segment        
Instruments and Payloads  
Satellite-based Services        

Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH
Viktor-Kaplan-Straße 2F, 2700 Wiener Neustadt
+43 2622 90550-300
Contact: Andreas Merstallinger
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Last modification: 2018-08-06