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ENVEO Environmental Earth Observation IT GmbH

ENVEO is an internationally operating engineering company licensed for services in meteorology and remote sensing. The main business activities comprise research and development for extracting information from Earth observation (EO) satellite data, transfer of EO tools from research to applications, and consultancy and services in environmental monitoring tailored to customer needs.

Technologies and competences

Core activities of ENVEO include the development of tools for exploitation of EO data, satellite-based products and services in cryosphere and land surface monitoring, and the integration of EO data in environmental process models. Main applications fields are climate change monitoring, hydrology, surveys of seasonal snow cover, glaciers and ice sheets, land cover mapping, and monitoring of geo-hazard phenomena.

Products and services in space

  • Customized products on snow, glacier and ice sheet parameters from satellite data
  • Development of concepts for advanced Earth observation systems
  • High resolution maps on land cover, surface topography, and deformation of unstable ground
  • Tools for retrieval of land surface parameters from radar and optical sensors
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Turnover < 1M€
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Satellite-based Services

ENVEO Environmental Earth Observation IT GmbH
Fürstenweg 176, 6020 Innsbruck
+43 512 319758-0
Contact: Thomas Nagler
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Last modification: 2018-06-12