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LuftBlick OG

LuftBlick is an internationally operating science and engineering company. The core business is atmospheric remote sensing in the UV, visible and NIR from ground and space. Our key personnel have had many years of experience in atmospheric research and are serving as consultants or collaborators for institutions like ESA and NASA.

Technologies and competences

Design and development of ground-based and satellite instrumentation, Instrument control software, laboratory and field calibration, retrieval algorithms for atmospheric trace gases (e.g. O3, NO2), instrument network hosting, operational network data and image processing, satellite validation support, data harmonisation, quality control, analysis and conversion.

Products and services in space

  • Calibration of remote sensing instruments
  • Design of remote sensing instruments
  • Remote sensing trace gas retrievals

Space related test benches, laboratories, etc.

Optical laboratory with calibration lamps (tungsten FEL, gas discharge) and lasers

Employees < 10
Turnover < 1M€
Export quota space 100 %
  Research Development Production Engineering
Launchers and Manned Flight        
Ground Segment        
Instruments and Payloads
Satellite-based Services

LuftBlick OG
Kreith 39a, 6162 Mutters
+43 512 583103
Contact: Alexander Cede
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Last modification: 2018-06-14