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RHP-Technology GmbH

RHP is a solution provider for customized materials and advanced processing techniques based on powder technology. The space relevant materials include composite materials such as high thermal conductive metal diamond composites, Invar based materials as well self-lubricating compositions or high ttemperature ceramics. Additionally, we provide services / R&D on additive manufacturing for large structures.

Technologies and competences

Advanced materials such as:
a) Composites with tailored thermophysical properties (metal-diamond, Invar based materials,..)
b) Self-lubricating composites
c) R&D in Additive Manufacturing for large metallic structures
d) Metal injection molding of parts for thrusters
e) Multi-material processing/joining of materials, e.g. Invar-Titanium
f) Diffusion bonding services for multi-channel plates/cooling plates

Products and services in space

  • Material development/screening of new material concepts
  • Metal diamond composites for thermal management of electronics
  • Micro parts/components for thrusters and fluidic systems
  • R&D and services on Additive Manufacturing of large structures

Space related test benches, laboratories, etc.

• Additive manufacturing (blown powder/wire feed) up to a size of 1.5 m x 1.8 m
• Complete process chain for metal injection molding
• Inductive hot pressing up to 1800 °C
• Direct hot pressing with diameter up to 350 mm and 2400 °C
• Conventional hot pressing and sintering
• Gas pressure sintering (up to 100 bar, 2400 °C)

Employees 10 - 50
Turnover 1 - 5M€
Export quota space 90 %
  Research Development Production Engineering
Launchers and Manned Flight
Ground Segment
Instruments and Payloads
Satellite-based Services        

RHP-Technology GmbH
Forschungszentrum, 2444 Seibersdorf
+43 2255 20600-10
Contact: Erich Neubauer
Last modification: 2018-08-30