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ALPEX Technologies

ALPEX Technologies GmbH

ALPEX Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision tooling, moulding and assembly solutions for aerospace and automotive industries. We support our customers in establishing an effective and reliable production process for their CFRP parts. Our capabilities reach from design and engineering to manufacturing, assembling and quality inspection.

Technologies and competences

Our core competence is the design and manufacturing of tooling solutions for composite components for our customers. They value ALPEX Technologies GmbH as a competent project partner.
The designed moulds, tools and fixtures are manufactured from materials like aluminium, steel, INVAR or plastic and enable our customers to produce composite components in an efficient and reliable way.

Products and services in space

  • Manufacturing of metal parts
  • Tooling for the production of composite parts
Employees 50 - 250
Turnover 5 - 10M€
Export quota space 100 %
  Research Development Production Engineering
Launchers and Manned Flight  
Ground Segment        
Instruments and Payloads        
Satellite-based Services        

ALPEX Technologies GmbH
Gewerbepark 38, 6068 Mils
+43 5223 46664-0
Contact: Romed Ladstätter
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Last modification: 2018-06-13