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Seibersdorf Laboratory

Seibersdorf Labor GmbH

Seibersdorf Labor GmbH is a subsidiary of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, founded as a spin-off in 2009. The company provides high-quality laboratory and analysis work, application-oriented research and development as well as consulting and training. The fields of expertise are chemical analysis, pharmaceuticals, radio frequency engineering, electromagnetic compatibility and ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Technologies and competences

Seibersdorf Laboratories actively contributes to the European space industry. Seibersdorf Laboratories provides scientific, engineering and R&D services as well as production of sensor technologies. Seibersdorf Laboratories works in the fields of radiation hardness assurance of EEE components and systems due to ionising and non-ionising space Radiation as well as in space weather effects to avionics and to humans.

Products and services in space

  • AVIDOS - Aviation Dosimetry Services
  • EMC and EMI - non-ionising radiation testing of systems
  • Radiation sensor technologies
  • TEC-Laboratory - ionising radiation testing of EEE components and systems

Space related test benches, laboratories, etc.

• Several radiation exposure laboratories for EEE components, materials and systems (TEC-Laboratory, Cobalt-60, X-ray, vacuum, different temperatures)
• TEC-Laboratory for radiation hardness testing and characterisation of EEE components under different temperatures
• Non-ionising radiation testing laboratories (electromagnetic compatibility and interference)
• Production workshop of radiation sensor technology

Employees 50 - 250
Turnover > 10M€
Export quota space 90 %
  Research Development Production Engineering
Launchers and Manned Flight
Ground Segment        
Instruments and Payloads
Satellite-based Services

Seibersdorf Labor GmbH
Forschungszentrum, 2444 Seibersdorf
+43 50 550-2500
Contact: Peter Beck
Last modification: 2018-10-03