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University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt

University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt GmbH / FOTEC GmbH

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt GmbH (FHWN) is the largest university of applied sciences campus in Austria (3000 students). Major fields of studies include Aerospace Engineering, Microsystems technology, Bioengineering, Mechatronics etc.Together with its research subsidiary FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH (FOTEC), FHWN has conducted a large number of space-related research and development projects.

Technologies and competences

• Development of in-space propulsion systems in the low (5 mN) to ultra-low thrust (50 nN) range. FOTEC and FHWN are the worldwide unique producers of charge balance devices based on liquid metal ion sources (LMIS).
• Development of green propulsion systems, mono- as well as bipropellant, as an alternative to systems using hydrazine and hydrazine derivatives.
• R&D in metal additive layer manufacturing
• Thermal management for satellites

Products and services in space

  • Development and test of green propulsion systems (green propellants)
  • Development, manufacturing and characterization of FEEP-based thrusters and integrated propulsion systems.
  • Engineering, manufacturing and test of charge balance devices (e.g. for the MMS mission)
  • Satellite systems engineering (Nanosatellites)

Space related test benches, laboratories, etc.

• • Electric propulsion laboratory: Three medium (about two cubic meters each) and one large (~14 cubic meters) vacuum chambers, environmental testing (thermal vacuum, vibration and shock), plasma diagnostic facilities, µN/mN thrust balances, etc.
• Chemical propulsion laboratory: thrust test stand, thrust balance (100 mN–10 N range), propellant characterisation facility, compatibility test facility
• Gas storage laboratory: test facilities for

Employees > 250
Turnover 5 - 10M€
Export quota space
  Research Development Production
Applied Research: Spacecraft
Applied Research: Launchers and Manned Flight      
Applied Research: Ground Segment      
Applied Research: Instruments and Payloads      
Applied Research: Satellite-based Services      
Basic Research for Space Technology
Other Experimental Research      

University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt GmbH / FOTEC GmbH
Johannes Gutenberg Straße 3, 2700 Wiener Neustadt
+43 2622 89084-235
Contact: Carsten Scharlemann
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Last modification: 2018-07-04