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Graz University of Technology

Graz University of Technology - Institute for Experimental Physics

Research is currently being conducted at the Institute for Experimental Physics in the areas of spectroscopy and quantum optics as well as molecular physics.

Technologies and competences

A sub-research field of quantum optics is the study of coherent effects in the optical stimulation of atoms with laser light. This results in the development of optical, pumped magnetometers with applications in space technology (instruments and payloads). Competences include the development of laser sources, fibre-optical systems and microwave technology in connection with the modulation of lasers.

Products and services in space

  • Optically pumped, scalar magnetometer based on a quantum interference effect

Space related test benches, laboratories, etc.

Optical laboratory with all the associated equipment for the development and characterisation of laser sources (diode lasers), as well as equipment for the characterisation of low-noise amplifiers and low-noise laser power sources, and generators and spectrum analysers for measurements in the GHz range.

Employees 10 - 50
Turnover 1 - 5M€
Export quota space
  Research Development Production
Applied Research: Spacecraft      
Applied Research: Launchers and Manned Flight      
Applied Research: Ground Segment      
Applied Research: Instruments and Payloads
Applied Research: Satellite-based Services      
Basic Research for Space Technology      
Other Experimental Research

Graz University of Technology - Institute for Experimental Physics
Petersgasse 16, 8010 Graz
+43 316 873-8141
Contact: Roland Lammegger
Last modification: 2018-07-31