Austrian Space Activities

More than 120 Austrian organisations are active in the space sector with an annual turnover of about 125 M EUR and about 1,000 employees. Austria is represented in both, the up-stream and the down-stream sector. In the meanwhile, the majority is active in the satellite-based applications segment. Intellectual capital is reflected by an average of about 20 patents and slightly more than 1,000 publications per year. Austria is one of the most cited nations in the field of exploration of the solar system.

Austrian companies and research institutes are involved in many ESA missions, such as the Rosetta Mission, the historic European comet orbiter and lander, ExoMars for the search for life on Mars, and BepiColombo for the exploration of the Sun’s closest planet Mercury. There is also Austrian technology in the EU space infrastructures for satellite navigation (Galileo) and Earth observation (Copernicus).

International Leadership Positions

In recent years, Austria has developed internationally recognised and visible skills, especially in the areas of space technology and scientific data analysis, as well as in the following technology areas:

Space Technology


Space Science

Austrian Space Industry and Research

This portal,, gives an overview of Austrian space industry and research. According to their fields of activity, the companies and research institutes represented here may be divided into the following market segments.

Diagram: Segments by Number of Organisations (multiple mentions)
Segments by Number of Organisations (multiple mentions)