Austrian Space Activities

114 Austrian companies or research institutes with a focus on technology are active in the space sector, according to the study “Ö-Space – Austrian Space Industry and Research: Database of Market Participants” (Brimatech Services 2011).

Austrian competences, and thus important fields of research, traditionally lie in the fields of satellite-based applications (remote sensing, navigation, satellite communication), spacecraft and carrier systems (e.g. mechanics, lightweight construction, material research, cryogen technology), instruments and payloads (e.g. electronic control systems, embedded systems), and sensor systems.

The study entitled “Austria’s Space Industry and Research: Database of Market Participants,” or “Ö-SPACE” for short, was commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Division of Innovation/Technology, and conducted between March 2010 and February 2011.

Distribution of Austrian Organisations in Space Technology

Diagram 1

Key Facts

* These figures refer to those organisations that participated in the survey (n=74).

Segment Rankings by Size Vary Depending on the Approach Used

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Segments by Number of Organisations (multiple mentions)

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Segments by Spacetechnology Turnover/Budget

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